Hitch It

Have Control Over Your Trailer's Brakes

At Hitch-It, we also sell brake control systems, giving you the ability to apply brakes to the trailer attached to your vehicle. There are 3 types of brake controls available in the market today, including timed, inertia, and proportional. You can also install a breakaway kit.

The latest braking systems

Timed controls generate an output signal, which increases over time. Braking power is applied at the fixed rate that is not proportional to the pressure applied to the brake pedal.


Inertia controls are similar to timed controls, though with a patented "automatic override" system that uses its own power supply to unexpected stops when driving at high speed.


Proportional controls offer a smoother braking response to almost any stop. These controls use a sensing device and deliver power to the trailer's brakes in a direct relationship to the deceleration of your vehicle.


A breakaway kit applies a trailers' electric brakes in the event that the trailer is disconnected from your vehicle while driving. In many states, a breakaway kit is required by the law.