Hitch It

Protect Your Truck's Bed

Give your pickup truck's bed an extra layer of protection with a spray-on bedliner. This option will shield your truck's bed from scratches, dings, rust, and corrosion. Don't let the factory finish of your truck's bedliner become permanently destroyed. Visit Hitch-It today!

Benefits of a sprayed bedliner

Adding a sprayed on bedliner to your truck will also create a watertight seal around the bed. You won't lose an inch of cargo space due to the added seal. Sprayed bedliners also reduce the chance of objects sliding around in the bed itself.


Whether you want to upgrade the look of your pickup truck's bed, or you have a brand new truck you would like to protect, visit Hitch-It for a spray-on bedliner.

Our crew can match the color and overall aesthetic of your truck with its new liner. Sprayed on liners is also a long-lasting option for your truck, so you won't have to worry about regular reapplication over the years.